Scuba Tankey – Buy 2, Get 3

Get  three Scuba Tankeys for a very special price. 

Unfortunatelly the yellow Scuba Tankey is no longer is stock. In a set of three you will receive 2 white ones and one pink.

Finally a Scuba Tank you can always have with you! A stylish yellow apparatus with spare o-rings and a very detailed tank valve. And what’s important, the tank is hollow and it floats.

O-rings: At the bottom of the keychain there are two most common o-rings used in scuba diving, Standard Yoke Regulator (AS-568-014) and Standard DIN Regulator Valve (AS-568-112 NBR), both  70 shore. You will always have a spare with you.

Keychains size: 7cm x 2cm – 2.6″ x 0.8″.
Material: PVC and stainless steel wire.


26.97  17.98