Kayaking the Soca river – whitewater Slovenia November 14, 2013 – Posted in: Whitewater

The river Soca is one of the alpine gems and a true delight for whitewater kayakers. The pristine beauty of the emerald river attracts paddlers from all around the world and it truly is a natures paradise.

The river Soca is suitable for every level of kayakers. You fill find stretches from Grade I to Grade V and the entry/exit point allow kayakers to safely enter and exit the river. You are allowed to go on the water alone, but beware that even if the rapids don’t look dangerous, they can be tricky. It is advised that you talk with a local guide before wandering on your own. Some stretches – from Trnovo 2 to Otona are very dangerous. There are many siphons and quite a few experienced paddler lost their lives in them.


Entry and exit points are well market and enough parking space is provided to leave your car. Unfortunately there is no shuttle service to take you back to the car. If you are not kayaking as a part of a group, I suggest you first drop your gear at the entry point, take the car to the exit point and hitchhike back. The chances to getting a ride fast are higher if you are dry!


The Soca river (and the Koritnica stream) is opened for kayakers from 15th March to 31st October and kayaking, rafting and riverboarding are only permitted from 9 am to 6 pm.

Beware that a permit is required. Luckily those are easily obtained in any kayaking rental place, camp, B&B or tourist office.

Price for the permits:
2.5€ – daily
10€ – weekly
30€ – monthly

My favorites stretch of the river is from Srpenica to Trnovo 2. The nature is really exceptional, the water perfectly green and the rapids are just big enough for some fun. The beautiful thing about the Soca river is also the fact that if you become thirsty, you can simple sip the water from the river and enjoy the pristine nature.

Recommended kayak rental places: 
Prijon SportCenter
Alpin Action