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4500€ available to support your paddling adventure. Vote now!

Sea Kayak – Whitewater Kayak – Canoe – SUP

Sea Kayak Winners

1st: Expanding Taiwan’s Sea Kayaking Community
2nd: The Netherlands to Italy – Three friends on a mission
3rd: New Zealand north island circumnavigation
4th: River Lena – Lake Baikal to the Arctic Ocean
5th: Exploring Norway

Whitewater Kayak Winners

1st: Grand Canyon – a solo kayak trip
2nd: The Areuabach – average paddler paddling an average creek, but still an adventure
3rd: Ecuador – exploring the jungle and promoting kayaking
4th: Nicola river – a father and son bonding
5th: Fraser river – relocating via a river

Canoe Winners

1st: Cadets on river Tarn
2nd: The Amazon adventure
3rd: Exploration of the Arctic Canada
4th: Chicago to New Orleans
5th: Mount Batten Centre Charity Trust

SUP Winners

1st: Patagonia – introducing the sport to new people
2nd: Bhutan & Nepal – an adventure of a lifetime
3rd: Delaware Raritan Canal system – teenager on a mission
4th: The Danube – source to sea
5th: Mexico – the family adventure

All finalists will be contacted over the weekend.

Congratulations to all!

What You Get

Money: 3000€. Split equally between categories: sea kayak, ww kayak, canoe, SUP.
Kit: 1200€. Sponsored by Ophion Paddles, Sandiline, Standout, EastPole Paddles, Mitchell Blades.
Courses and service: 300€. Sponsored by Sea Kayaking Cornwall, Prijon Sport Center Bovec, Zero Six Zero.

Who Can Apply

Are you planning a weekend microadventure with your kids or your partner? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to paddle down that beautiful river or around that scenic island for your whole life? Or are you going on a hardcore expedition?
Everybody can apply.

How it works

1. Initial application
A few words with the basic outline of who you are and what your idea is.
2. Shortlist
A shortlist of 50 projects in each category will be made and submitted to the professional committee.
3. Professional committee
Experienced paddlers will choose 5 finalist in each category.
4. Grand Finale
The winners will be chosen by public vote.


Initial application deadline: May 31th, 2016.
Finalist announced: June 8th 2016.
Public voting: June 8th – July 8th 2016.
Winners announcement: July 8th 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the money for the grant coming from?
It’s coming from the keyrings sales. 10% of revenue from each sold Keyak, ww Keyak, Supkey and Keynoe is going directly into the grant to support your paddling adventures.

Does it matter where I’m from?
No! Everybody can apply. Hobkey is from Slovenia, but paddling is a global sport. It doesn’t matter if you are from Australia, Singapore, USA, Brazil or Kenya. Everybody can apply.

How will the prizes be divided?
Winners in each category will receive 500€, the second place will get you 250€, third fourth and fifth will receive kit from our generous sponsors.

Professional committee

Do you like the grant and want to support it? Look at the offers below, 10% of all revenue goes directly into the grant.