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Sea kayaking in Croatia – Enjoying the Adriatic

Clean sea, hidden beaches and warm sun combined with good food make the perfect epicurean adventure. The Croatian archipelago is adorned with 1185 islands and with only 66 being populated, it gives you plenty of opportunities to find peace and a stony beach to spend the night. Located between the Italian and the Balkan peninsula, the Adriatic has a tiny tidal range of 50 cm, no braking surf, mild temperatures and a predictable weather system.…

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7 tips for staying safe in a sea kayak during thunderstorms and lightning

I remember the nervousness and the scary feeling I had when a sudden thunderstorm cached me 1nm from the nearest shore. One nautical mile doesn’t seem a lot, but at that time it seemed like light years away from where I wanted to be. Foto: Eirik Solheim I paddled like a madman to land, dragged the kayak onto the shore, walked a few meter inshore and waited the storm to pass. But what would have…

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Playing in the tide race with sea kayaks

In the Adriatic sea, where I spent most my paddling days, the tidal difference is only about 1m. That means a very very weak tidal flow and absolutely no tidal races. That’s why I got a little bit scared and excited watching the kayaking video below. This fabulous video is featuring Paul Kuthe and his pals kayaking some amazing tidal races that look like fast rivers and massive whirlpools.

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